About the Webcast

Take your Project selling skills to the next level!

This webcast presents a series of modules specifically designed to increase your depth of understanding of enterprise project management disciplines and practices in a way that will directly facilitate stronger selling.
The presentations make use of WindowsMedia™ video streaming and synchronized slides.  
About the Course Content Developer

IPS is a worldwide specialist provider of training, development and consulting in tactical planning and implementation for a diversity of businesses. IPS shapes the way organizations implement strategy through Portfolio, Program and Project Management. The IPS planning and implementation approach covers process, people and tools.

The company has an unmatched record in developing and delivering high-quality consulting services and training programmes, resulting in dramatic performance gains throughout client organizations. This expertise comes from over 10 years of experience working with industry-leading organizations.

IPS serves hundreds of clients worldwide, from offices located in the US, Asia and Europe. The corporate headquarters are located in San Mateo, California. Asia Pacific and European regional headquarters are located in Singapore and London respectively.

For more information, contact: ipsasia@ipsassociates.com.sg.
How it works
You may view any of the presentations in the programme agenda, each of which has links labelled 'view presentation'. Once a presentation has begun, you will see video, slides and a detailed topic list. Automatic bandwidth detection ensures that your viewing experience is optimal.

To navigate directly to a topic of interest, simply click on an item in the topic list. The slide show and the video will be cued to the relevant portion of the presentation. Subsequent slides will change automatically... it's that easy!
Technical Requirements
To view the presentations, you must have installed and configured:
  • Computer with speakers (a Pentium-class PC is recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 5+ or Netscape 6+ web browser
  • Windows Media Player 7.1 (or later)
The current release of the WM player is version 9. To get the latest version, visit the Microsoft WindowsMedia download site, or use the installers provided on the CD-ROM version of this programme.

If you are unsure if your machine meets the necessary requirements, please try the compatability checker.

If you encounter problems, please refer to the troubleshooting guide. Viewing this document requires Acrobat Reader™ - if you don't already have one, please visit the Adobe Acrobat download site, or use the installers provided on the CD-ROM version of this programme.