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Carcinoid Net Symposium 2008

This event was held on Sunday 13 April 2008 in the Goldwurm Auditorium at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. The event is part of an annual series of symposiums for Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor patients organized by the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, which is based in New York City. Over 80 patients and caregivers attended to hear informative talks on "Progress in Research and Treatment" by medical specialists including doctors Herbert Chen and Andrew S. Kennedy.

This year, Carcinoid Cancer Foundation (CCF) is celebrating 40 years of service to the Carcinoid & NETs community. As part of the proceedings, CCF founder Dr. Richard Warner and his wife Monica (who is the CCF's Assistant Secretary and Director of Development) were presented with honorary plaques by Maryann Wahmann, Vice President of Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network, and Stanley Pressment JD, the Foundation's attorney and a CCF board member. Shown here from left to right are Dr. Warner, Stanley Pressment, Maryann Wahmann, and Monica Warner. These plaques recognize the Warner's lifetime dedication to the Carcinoid & NETs patient community and for establishing a network of peer support groups in the United States. During the symposium, Monica also gave a brief presentation on the history of CCF.

For a complete set of event photographs, please view the Flickr image set produced by Monica Warner.

  • Grade School to Graduate School - Becoming an Expert in Chemoembolization

    Presenters: Andrew S. Kennedy, MD, FACRO
    Duration: 41 minutes
    View:    slides & video  |  video only  |  audio (MP3)
  • Physicians' Panel Discussion

    Presenters: Richard Warner, MD (moderator); Herbert Chen, MD, FACS; Anthony S. Kennedy, MD, FACRO; Jerome Zacks, MD
    Duration: 44 minutes
    View:    slides & video  |  video only  |  audio (MP3)
  • Patients' Panel Discussion

    Presenters: Grace Mulligan; Beatrice Lehming; Charles Prince; Valerie Leitman
    Duration: 33 minutes
    View:    slides & video  |  video only  |  audio (MP3)

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About CCF

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation (CCF) was established in 1968 by Dr. Richard Warner as a non-profit corporation in the state of New York. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate awareness, education and research toward the ultimate goal of a cure for neuroendocrine tumor (NET) disease.

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