Towards Personalised Therapy

2nd World Congress on Ga-68 (Generators and Novel Radiopharmaceuticals), Molecular Imaging (PET/CT), Targeted Radionuclide Therapy & Dosimetry

Event Summary

The 2nd World Congress on Gallium-68 and Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRNT) took place on February 28 - March 2, 2013 in Chandighar, India. This Congress, organised by the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), was targeted to chemists, physicians, and investigators dealing with generators, PET radiochemistry as well as molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy.

Following on the success of the 1st Congress at Bad Berka in Germany in June 2011, this Congress attracted over 400 participants from 42 countries. There were 70 invited talks, 27 oral presentations and 80 poster presentations. In addition to the official programme, there were a number of social and cultural events. A group photo was taken.

Honoring India's National Science Day in Chandighar are (from left to right): B R Mittal, Rajiv Sharma, Philip Petit, VK Saraswat, Yogesh.Chawla, Richard Baum, Michael Schultz and Baljinder Singh.

The theme of this Congress was "Towards Personalised Therapy" and the opening ceremony (shown above) coincided with India's National Science Day. The objectives of the Congress were to educate and to offer a unique forum for high level scientific discussions on the recent developments in the exciting field of personalised diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine, in particular to address neuroendocrine cancer.

The Congress was held in conjunction with an Industry Exhibition which presented the latest technological developments in radionuclide generator technology and Ga-68 modules, devices and labeling strategies.

There were awards for best oral and poster presentations. The judging committee consisted of: Frank Roesch (Germany), Sandip K Basu (India), Marion de Jong (Netherlands), Baljinder Singh (India) and Richard P Baum (Germany).

The awards for best oral papers were received by:

The awards for best poster presentations were received by:

You may review the complete programme of the Congress, and below you will find a list of recordings produced during the 3-day event.

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Chairpersons: Baljinder Singh and Michael Schultz

Scientific Session 1 - Radionuclide Generators: Past, Present and Future

Chairpersons: ML Thakur, Uday Bhonsle, Christof Seidl, Shashi Singh and Pat Donahue

Scientific Session 2 - Ga-68 Molecular Imaging: A Worldwide Experience

Chairpersons: Arun Malhotra, RP Tripathi, Anil Bhansali and Ashok K Gupta

Scientific Session 3 - Molecular Imaging & Therapy

Chairpersons: Richard Baum, AK Singh, Gurpreet Singh and Rakesh Kapoor

Scientific Session 4 - Oral Paper Presentations (Preclinical)

Chairpersons: Vijay Sharma, Anupam Mondal, V Rangarajan and Jaya Shukla

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Scientific Session 5 - Oral Paper Presentations (Clinical & Dosimetry)

Chairpersons: Vikas Prasad, Vikram Lele, Anupama Dutta and SK Singh

Scientific Session 6 - Targeted Tumor Therapy with Beta Emitters

Chairpersons: Biersack HJ, BR Mittal, Cathy Cutler and Kallur KG

Scientific Session 7 - Targeted Tumor Therapy with Alpha Emitters

Chairpersons: George Weiner, Sudershan Bhatia, SC Sharma and MR Pillai

Scientific Session 8 - Integration of Molecular Imaging, Radionuclide Therapy and Surgery: THERANOSTICS on the Way to Personalized Medicine

Chairpersons: Ajit Padhy, BA Krishna, Anil Mishra, CK Khosa and Arunanshu Behra

Scientific Session 9 - Integration of Molecular Imaging, Radionuclide Therapy and Surgery

Chairpersons: Francoise Bordere, Michael Schultz, Sanjay Gambhir and Kanchan Mukherjee

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Scientific Session 10 - Oral Paper Presentation III Therapy

Chairpersons: GP Bandhopadhyay, Rao Papineni and Puja Panwar

Scientific Session 11 - Nanomedicine and Novel Approaches to Molecular Targeting

Chairpersons: Edward Wolin, Mike Sathekge, CM Pathak and Nand Relan

Scientific Session 12 - Hybrid Imaging in Cancer treatment

Chairpersons: SK Jindal, Seigo Kinuya, PS Soni and MS Sandhu

Scientific Session 13 - Oral Paper Presentation IV Radiopharmacy

Chairpersons: Joseph Jurcic, BS Dwarkanath, PK Pradhan and Bikas Medhi

Scientific Session 14 - Patients' Session

Chairpersons: Savita Malhotra, Jolanta Kunikowska and Sharmila Banerjee

Scientific Session 15 - Congress Highlights

Chairpersons: Hans-Jurgen Wester, Suresh Srivastava and YK Chawla