Troubleshooting Guide


You are viewing presentation recordings. Whether you're accessing online or from storage media such as a flash drive, all the recordings are linked from a page that appears in your default web browser.

This page is referred to as the 'presentation links' page. It includes an event description, information about the event organiser, acknowledgement of partners or sponsors and links to each recording. Generally you simply click on one of the links and the appropriate video player will launch.

First Aid

If you experience any technical problems, please use our compatability checker to confirm that your system meets the minimum requirements. After that, if you still experience problems, confirm that you can view video on other sites, such as Youtube.

If your browser meets all the technical requirements but you cannot view video on this page or any other sites, the issue is related to your network. Perhaps a firewall is preventing you from accessing video. But if you can view video from other sites, and only our presentation recordings cannot be viewed, perhaps it's a problem with your media player or plugins.

File Type Issues

If the recording you want to view doesn't play properly, try another file type. Links to both MP4 and WMV file types are available.

The MP4 files are viewed using an Adobe Flash Media player embedded in a webpage. So if you face problems viewing these type of files, it could be due to the Flash plugin being out of date (see below) or is not properly installed in your browser. Visit Adobe's website to test the Flash plugin and download a new version if required.

The WMV files are typically viewed using Microsoft Media Player for Windows or Macintosh, but they can also be viewed using a 3rd-party application such as VideoLAN VLC media player. If these files don't play properly, visit VideoLAN's website to download and install VLC.

Out Of Date Plugin Issues

The MP4 files rely on an Adobe Flash plug-in. Plug-ins help browsers process special types of web content, like embedded Flash or Windows Media files. These plug-ins don't automatically update, so over time, they may get outdated and create a security risk. Chrome and Firefox disable out-of-date plugins, meaning the video will not appear unless you take some action.

Window Behaviour Issues

Browsers can exhibit some unexpected behaviors including window popups and security messages. For a more reliable experience, viewing the MP4 files using Adobe Flash player is recommended. Chrome or Firefox are recommended over Internet Explorer.

Bandwidth Issues

Bandwidth-related problems can be among the most difficult issues to troubleshoot. You won't face these issues if you're viewing from storage media, but inadequate bandwidth can disrupt online viewing. If you can see the video but it takes too long to startup, or the video is choppy, here are some things to consider.

Audio Issues

If you can see the video, but you can't hear any sound, here are some things to check. Start by checking your system sound controls and then adjust the player volume.