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Carcinoid NETs Conference Toronto 2008
Event Overview

This was an exciting conference where one could learn about the latest diagnostic and treatment Maureen Coleman and Dr. Robert H Reid were the main organisers of the CNETS 2008 conference, shown here on the last day. strategies for Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumors, while enjoying the opportunity to meetup with other patients and physicians. It was organised by the Carcinoid / Neuroendocrine Tumour Society of Canada, and took place on Friday 17 October and Saturday 18 October, 2008.

For those who could stay the extra day, there was a morning breakfast session on Sunday 19 October for the expert panel to address participant questions arising from conference presentations and deliberations.

A full house of over 270 persons including patients, caregivers and physicians attended throughout the conference. This conference was held at Crowne Plaza (Don Valley) hotel, in beautiful Toronto, only a short flight from most parts of the USA. It was an international event attracting many attendees from Europe and Asia-Pacific. There were 13 international and 26 Canadian speakers, representing various disciplines including radiology, nuclear medicine, surgery, pathology and others.

Please review the full presentations below, and note that you can scroll through the topic list of each presentation to locate specific subjects of interest. The very first presentation, by Jim Kormos, briefly sets out the learning objectives for this conference.
Day 1 Recordings

  • Opening Remarks on Learning Objectives

    Presenters: Jim Kormos, VP CNETS Canada
    Duration: 4 minutes
    View:    video only  |  printed transcript
Day 2 Recordings

  • Challenges Sustaining a NETs Cancer Program

    Presenters: Brian Orr, Vice President, London Regional Cancer Program
    Duration: 19 minutes
    View:    slides & video  |  video only  |  audio (MP3)
  • Health Canada's Special Access Program

    Presenters: Ian Mackay, Health Canada, Therapeutic Products Directorate
    Duration: 20 minutes
    View:    slides & video  |  video only  |  audio (MP3)
  • Optimizing Patient Therapies (Panel)

    Presenters: Robert Reid (moderator), Eugene Woltering, Ed Wolin, Muriel Buxton-Thomas, Richard Baum, J. Philip Boudreaux, Walter Kocha and Ernst J. Postema
    Duration: 70 minutes
    View:    slides & video  |  video only  |  audio (MP3)
  • Animal Models of Carcinoid & NETs
    Note: Selected slides have been edited out of the recorded presentation because the research data has not yet been published in official journals.

    Presenters: Girish M. Shah, Senior Researcher and Head, Laboratory for Skin Cancer Research, Laval University Medical Research Center
    Duration: 30 minutes
    View:    slides & video  |  video only  |  audio (MP3)
Other Recordings

  • Sunday Session 1 with Doctors Answering Questions Raised

    Presenters: Ralph Wong (moderator), Eugene Woltering, Kjell Oberg, Joy Ardill, Edward M. Wolin and Robert Reid
    Duration: 71 minutes
    View:    video only  |  audio (MP3)
  • Sunday Session 2 with Doctors Answering Questions Raised
    Note: This recording includes a brief final segment with Maureen Coleman thanking sponsors for their generous financial support.

    Presenters: Robert Reid (moderator), Muriel Buxton-Thomas, Richard M Baum and Walter Kocha
    Duration: 59 minutes
    View:    video only  |  audio (MP3)
  • Acknowledgments to CNETS Board and Event Organisers

    Presenters: Maureen Coleman, Director of CNETS
    Duration: 4 minutes
    View:    video only  |  audio (MP3)
CNETS Canada logo
About CNETS Canada

The Carcinoid-NeuroEndocrine Tumour Society-Canada (CNETS Canada) was incorporated in 2007 and became a Registered Canadian Charity in 2008.

CNETS Canada has a mandate of Research, Education, Awareness, and Support.
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Photo Credits
Photos at left provided by Monica Warner and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Her full set of conference photos which document most of the speakers can be seen online at Flickr. This beautiful show includes photos by Ermin and Carol-Anne Wilson.

Additional conference photography by Ermin. His photo set includes numerous photos of CNETS board members and the conference organizing team, and can be viewed online at Picasa.
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