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Our Company Profile

In the fast changing world of digital media, we must constantly test new approaches without blowing your budget or delivering an inferior product.

We call the company 'Iterate' because it suggests 'progressive development'. Iteration is at the core of agile software development, a methodology where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising cross-functional teams. By applying agile management practices, we overcome the limitations of our small company size.

Iterate is a multimedia technology specialist and an authorised reseller of Internet Video solutions in Singapore and South East Asia. We have selected from various technologies and platforms to offer the most adaptable and affordable solutions for your training and corporate communications needs. For example:

  • We assemble the best selection of roadcases, cables, capture devices, communications modems and software to ensure that webcasting is portable and easy-to-operate.
  • Our Internet media experience spans from the lowest bitrate audio to full HD video.
  • We can record and broadcast any event, from private corporate functions to national and international webcasts.

The company works with a number of consultants and partners. We also have video producers working with us in London, New York, San Francisco and Melbourne. These producers can quickly organise a teleconference or webcast to suit your needs.

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William Claxton, Technical Director
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The founder and technical director of Iterate is Bill Claxton, who has been active in the streaming media business for nearly 10 years, selling solutions from Real Networks, Viewcast and other vendors. He has covered a wide territory from India to Thailand and Vietnam.

Poon Mee Leng is our marketing director. She has more than 10 years experience selling educational software to schools in Singapore and throughout the Asia region.

Iterate is a proud member of the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation and Bill Claxton is a member of the Singapore Computer Society's Interactive Digital Media Chapter.