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Blogtronix - Enterprise Social Media Platform

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Blogtronix is an Enterprise Social Platform, with a suite of tools including blogs, wikis, document collections, newsletters & social media. These tools allow you to build your brand with customer communities and collaborate more efficiently.

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Blogtronix is not a collection of plugin components from different vendors. It is a single, highly modular, scalable, and flexible collaboration platform built on AJAX and Microsoft .NET technology. The advantage over competitors is that it provides the social media tools that enterprises want with the central administration, directory services and security controls that IT managers demand.

Blogtronix is extremely flexible and customisable. It can be deployed internally as a complement to your existing portal or on customer-facing sites. The blogs themselves have been developed to the extent where they are no longer blogs in the traditional sense at all. They can be used as frames for Flash presentations, photo or video galleries, or podcasts. They can be configured to emulate full-scale discussion forums, or to just let your CEO sound off.

With wikis, version control and find-an-expert components, Blogtronix can by your Knowledge Management solution. And Blogtronix supports the social media features users are familiar with from Facebook and Blogger, such as tag-clouds, rating of posts and video uploading.

On the back end, transparent to your users, is a robust administrative panel which lets you to seek out and highlight the thought leaders in your community, organise groups, track metrics, and impose user roles and permissions which can be synched to a directory server.

Whether your organisation is large or small, whether you are looking to promote your brand, want to improve employee satisfaction, or collaborate more effectively, Blogtronix can be deployed quickly and will easily meet your needs.

Buyer's Guide

Current version: 3.0
Indicative pricing: US$ 1,500 for setup and $US 20-50 per user per year license fee, depending on volume. NB: At this price, Blogtronix is offered as a hosted service. Options are available to install the software or purchase as a pre-configured hardware appliance.
More info: Blogtronix website