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Overview of our Solutions

Today everyone wants to deliver video over the Internet, for training, corporate communications, conferencing or as part of building online communities. We offer a number of solutions that can help you deliver video over the Internet in a professional manner that will engage your audience without breaking your budget.

A good place to begin is our whitepaper on Enterprise Video Options. This document explains what streaming is all about, and how to deploy video streaming within your academic or corporate network.

One of the most popular applications of Internet video is presentation recording, used by schools to make course lectures available for online review, and used by enterprises as an inexpensive alternative to corporate travel. Our recommended presentation recording solution is Panopto, which works with nearly any AV hardware to capture synchronised presenter video and display graphics. It can also handle live webcasts.

If you want to create a destination website where people can view your live or on-demand recordings, check out VidZapper, a station-automation solution for Internet TV.

If you instead want to deploy a complete social media platform, and video is just a part of it, check out Blogtronix. With Blogtronix you can have a dedicated platform for wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, audio and video podcasts.

If you want to automate classroom management, taking control of learners' screens to share a presentation, offer guidance, or temporarily limit Internet access - check out LanSchool.

Recently we have been involved in an effort to simplify PC usage especially for small and medium sized enterprises by building a standard operating environment or SOE. Our SOE is built on the new Win7 operating system and Windows Live cloud services. This product is targeted to Microsoft system builders.

As part of our solutions for Internet video, we supply a range of boutique AV hardware components, to support capture of display graphics, video and audio. If all you want is audio podcasting, check out our Barix Instreamer and Annuncicom devices.