photo credit Kevin Lim 2006/2007
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"I just watched the video and it is just great to be able to see and hear what is going on at the Norfolk meeting. Thank you VERY much from someone who couldn't be there." - Mary M. Brandes

"Thank you so much for doing this. We were not able to attend in person but having this posted on the web for all of us to see is fantastic!" - Rick and Cece Giordano

"Thank you for doing all you did to get the conference lectures recorded and preserved AND available for all who were not able to make it to Norfolk. This is truly a wonderful resource and hopefully will help many patients to be more proactive in their care. I realize that although what you accomplished was a daunting task, even still, not all lectures were covered. To have these lectures available to both patients and physicians is just awesome. Thank you for running around constantly to achieve this!!" - Carol-Anne Wilson

"What a gift. Thank you! To be honest, I walked out on several presentations because I was unable to understand what was being said - acoustics, etc. were just too challenging. So far, these same presentations, played today, are very clear and quite easy to understand. Thank you!" - Georgia in FL

"I want to add my thanks too for making the videos available from the conference. It is a great service to us all! Good Work!" - Dave Kynor

"Well I have to say that your contributions to making the Norfolk experience an unforgettable one is now caste for posterity. We are eternally grateful to you for what you managed to put together and I have watched many parts and the quality of your work is simply astonishingly good. My personal thanks to you for doing all this and to Monica and Richard for their generosity in making this happen. I am also delighted to hear that many of the patients who had difficulty, for example with their hearing, and those that found the level of the physicians and health care provider sections of the meeting above their heads, will now have the opportunity to peruse the presentations at a leisurely pace in the comfort of their homes and will have more time to digest the information. What a wonderful way to make the sophisticated and state of the art information shared at this meeting with the world's best available to all. I salute you for your efforts. - Aaron Vinik, MD, PhD, conference organiser